In a Student’s Voice

Excellent blog post by Nikhil Goyal, Will the Real Students Please Stand Up?  This student challenges us to listen to authentic student voices, not those of adults who want to speak on their behalf. In our RESA, we have begun to do just that. Last month, we invited students to a professional learning opportunity for teachers. We discussed strengths and challenges of technology and flexible learning innovation in the classroom. After they got past the awkward, “wonder why we’re invited here” stage, the students warmed up and opened up to share their opinions. The adults found it refreshing to hear what students had to say about how they liked to learn, the tools they prefer, the challenges they face, and ideas for overcoming the challenges.

Goyal’s point is well taken. We need to include students because they DO have much to say that is valuable and relevant. I welcome the promise of exciting new learning opportunities as we shift roles to become mentors and guides along side students who care about their world and want to make a difference.

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