What will tomorrow bring?

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring at the 21st Century Learning Symposium St. Clair County RESA is hosting at Port Huron High School. Sitting in my living room, prepping for the opening introductions, I was feeling guilt over not having posted to my blog for weeks. I’m committed to “pushing my own limits,” and blogging is one key way.  Recently, I let life get in the way of posting, but I haven’t stopped learning.  And tomorrow’s symposium promises to be a chance to learn from some of the greats.

Will Richardson, http://weblogg-ed.com, is our opening keynote. Tonight as I spent time reading Will’s blog, I knew I had to return to mine. In particular, “A Cocktail Party Filled with Educators” (10 June, 2009) struck a cord. Will presents an imaginary interview between a reporter and a school leader. One question addresses the time it takes to learn new technologies and push the limits:

“Educators are supposed to be thinking about learning. We’re supposed to be thinking about the future. We’re supposed to experiment and try new things. We’re also supposed to talk to our parents and engage with the community. So, this is part of the job, period. Any educator who says they don’t have time to do these kinds of things is working on the wrong things. The real answer? My day has probably gotten longer, but this is important stuff.”

My sentiments too.  As I prepare for the symposium tomorrow, I am hopeful that the nearly 300 educators who will join me, will leave with a renewed commitment to stretch, to grow and to learn. Our students are counting on us.